My Winter Vacation

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This was my second day in California. On the 24th of December, we all agreed on going to California for winter break. So, on the 25th of December in the afternoon after we opened our presents, we all started packing everything only for three days. It was about 9:00pm when we went to sleep because we all wanted my dad to rest so he could drive the whole way. At 7:00 am on December 26th we all started to put things in the car, all our luggage and backpacks, we also decided to bring our dog and some food for later if we were hungry. We headed off at 8:30 so we could get to California earlier. Right when we were on the road my brother and sister fell back asleep because they were so excited they couldn’t sleep last night so they passed out in the car. So, we started to head to Utah and we were really nervouse the whole way. We didn’t stop at all because we really wanted to leave Colorado as soon as possible. After a long drive that seemed like we were driving for ages we saw a sign and it said, “leaving colorful Colorado.” My parents were really excited and they asked me if I was excited said yes with an excited tone and a big smile. We kept on going still very excited that we have just left Colorado and headed into Utah. When we drove deeper into Utah, everything looked way different then Colorado. There were no buildings and no people walking, running, or cycling. The rocks and sand were kind of orange but the mountains were really orange and red colored. After we had gotten

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