My Wishes In My Life

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Every week would be something new: good or bad. As I was growing up at the end of the week my grandparents, whom I had lived with, would make my sister, brother, and me milkshakes and we would sit outside, look at stars, and talk about how our past week went. When it was occurring I had just thought of the delicious milkshake that I would enjoy and the wishes I would make, but I had recently realized that is what laid the foundation of who I am today.
Typically we would always make the milkshake first, with our choice of our favorite ice cream. Then we would sit outside and look for shooting stars. When we found a shooting star we would make a wish. My grandma always asked us about what we had wished for, without giving our exact wish we would elaborate on what it was about. For my wishes, it would always be about my dad or my mom. At the time my dad was in prison and before he had gone away he was the adult I was closest to. It was always hard for me to talk about these wishes. I still have the memories of my dad first being sent to jail and talking to him through a glass window; also taking a trip to the prison, where I learned that you are not allowed to wear jeans with buttons while visiting someone, these in which I will forever have engraved into my mind. On the other hand, we did not live with my mom because she was working in order to provide a better life for us, her children.
No matter how hard the topic would be my grandma always tried to make it better. She

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