My Worst Day

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Have you ever just had a bad day? One where you just can’t wait to get home and officially say that the day is finally done? I know that I have had my fair share of them, but going to my house and hiding away was never how I dealt with it. Whenever I had a rough day, my brother and I zoomed over to grab something sweet to drink and talk about whatever we needed to. I soon learned that even the worst days can always get better, you just needed a milkshake.
I was around 13 when a tradition had started between myself and my only brother, Jonah. Jonah had just recently turned 16 and had just received a car, and could not be more thrilled to get out on the open road! This tradition began on a cold day in November after school, I had just gotten into Jonah’s car and huffed out a long breath, the cold air being visibly seen inside the car. He had just sort of stared, almost longingly, out of the window and a thick silence had spread throughout the car, just the engine and the squeal of other car’s tires on the snow outside could be heard. I looked at him for a second, in his blue and green checkered flannel and khaki pants, and realized that something was weighing heavily on my brother. My heart lurched when he starting pulling out of the middle school and turned to me with a gentle, soft expression before asking me a question that I will always remember
“I have a ton of homework, and I should absolutely go home and study, but I really, really want a chocolate milkshake from the

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