My Writing As A Writer

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What kind of writer am I? That’s a trick question for which there is not a satisfactory answer. My experience with writing has never been my favorite. In fact, English has always been my least favorite subject. Studying math and science is what I enjoy; these have come rather easy for me. English, for some reason I will never understand, has always required extra effort for me actually to do well. Sure, there have been plenty of times that I have been required to write a few research papers, several literary analyses, and numerous essays; but I have more weaknesses than strengths as a writer. My writing experience has, and will probably stay, limited to papers on given subjects assigned to me. Besides school work and possibly my field of work requirements, I will most likely never delve into any other form of writing. I am positive that there are more like me: more people that struggles with English writing. I have wondered why there were so many English related tasks in school. In doing so, I have grown to execrate the subject without becoming fully aware of its future benefits. Although I may have never been a devoted writer, I do realize the profit of being a good writer along with the advantages that good writers have over me. Through experience, I have learned that the best kind of writing comes from strong emotion towards a topic or vast knowledge of it. However, I have never written anything that I know of high detail or subjects that have captured my attention.
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