My Writing Goals And Curriculum

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This course’s goals and curriculum seem to be a wonderful way for me to become a more effective teacher. Sometimes I run into situations when I can’t effectively help my students. The knowledge I would gain from this course would help me to better answer my students’ questions. Furthermore, I want to expand my knowledge of English grammar. As a native speaker, I find it hard to explain certain grammar components. I believe the best teachers have a wonderful command of grammar and great language awareness. This course would help me build and refine these skills.

I was first introduced to how terrible my language awareness was while obtaining my CELTA last summer. But I learned quick and worked hard. My biggest challenge was a 40 minute lesson about the narrative tenses. I spent hours learning the tenses, writing CCQs, creating examples, and designing materials. When time came to teach I was ready. I achieved the aims and I received an ‘Above Standard’ grade for that lesson. I found this to be the highlight of my CELTA experience. I felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment and received wonderful feedback from my tutor.

Apart from obtaining a CELTA I have 22 months of ESL teaching experience. I have instructed complete beginners to advance students. I have successfully implemented Cambridge teaching methodologies into my classes. I have experience using state-of-the-art technology for teaching purposes. In the future I am interested in completing a DIPTESOL or DELTA.

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