My Writing Is Only My Passion

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Writing Is Only My Passion There are many people in the world that have spoken about what they love to do. Some people have a yearning to do almost anything. From music and art to science and math, there has been some person to say “That’s just what I love to do.” I can say that there are many things that I consider my passion. One in particular is writing. I love to write in almost any form including poetry, short stories, and music lyrics. I have also started on about three books in the past five years. Though the only form I have ever been able to complete is poetry, I continue to scratch down the words that flow through my brain. My poetic style tends to not rhyme, but has a definite rhythm. The best piece of poetry I feel I ever wrote I titled Optimistic Rights. In this piece, I speak of how people describe their mistakes as a “screw up”. I go on to describe what optimism means to me and how I feel about how people describe their “failures”. When I write poetry, I write according to a feeling I felt when dealing with a sensitive topic. This particular piece I wrote because I was getting tired of the negativity all around me. I felt that people were getting down because they were not getting into the school they wanted to or getting the job they wanted. Optimistic Rights was my “motivational speech” to them.
“Messed up. Screwed up, and I won 't even speak of the other one.
Phrases used to describe, what you did ‘wrong’. What someone else did ‘wrong’.
If you ask an

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