My Writing Style And Skills

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This semester has been an eye opener to me about how I formulate ideas and outlines to my papers and visual works. My writing style and skills have gone through many changes throughout English 150 but by far there have been three areas where I have seen the most improvement. How I compose and formulate my works, using certain resources and how I integrated them into my paper, how I edit those works, and how well I use the advice and guidance from my peers to help me revise or complete my works.
Composing and formulating to me should be in their own category but are also two different components of that category. Formulating being the information I choose, what other topics may go along with it, and how much relevance it has to the certain assignment criteria and my audience. Before I participated in this class I would try and include every bit of information about each topic and try to somehow include that into my writing. I learned that there are some bits of information in which you should include and some where it might be best and help the paper more by not including it. I learned this when I was writing my assignment number four, which I have included in this portfolio. Composing is how I put my paper together, meaning my outline and structure. This is the stage where I decide how I want my paper to flow and how I want it to guide the reader through. A valuable lesson I learned in this class is to really make sure my organization of my paper is done well and in doing

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