Myanmar's Foreign Politics for Iran, North Korea, and Syria Essay

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A balanced approach is always needed to ensure the most effective execution of diplomatic efforts and the best results. Additionally, the focus should be on policy change not on regime change; when a country feels pressured that another country is trying to come in and oust the ruling government, its actions will be hostile and it will not cooperate with diplomatic discussions. Only when a country feels that it is getting something proportionate will it fully cooperate with outside influences .

Different tactics of diplomacy are often needed in unison to address the stubborn countries that refuse to comply with foreign demands. These tactics include involving other multinational or transnational actors in the foreign policy of a …show more content…

One issue with the approach in Iran was that the nations which threatened actions if their conditions were not met during the first round of rhetoric never delivered on their promises, signaling to Iran that any future breaches of trust will not be punished. Another issue is that the umbrella sanctions are negatively impacting the living of the citizens. To combat this, the original EU3 and the United States have started to implement ‘smart sanctions’, targeting the individual Revolutionary Guard officers and their companies and the banks they do business with, so that they can starve out the people behind Iran’s nuclear proliferation which decreasing the impact on the Iranian civilians .

North Korea:
North Korea has been participating in Six-Party talks with the U.S., China, Japan, South Korea, and Russia in regards to its humanitarian violations and nuclear proliferation. These talks are to ensure that the DPRK and the U.S. respect each other’s sovereignty and are taking steps towards normalizing their relationships, with a focus on policy change not regime change . However, after the NK nullified cordial relationships with the United States with its series of missile tests and nuclear weapons tests, the condemnations and sanctions

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