Myeloid Leukemia Lab Report

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Researchers at Rockefeller University have a lead on a new cure for acute myeloid leukemia, a rare form of cancer. This form of cancer starts in the bone marrow, which is a flatty substance inside the bones where blood cells are produced. The cancerous cells then travels with the blood cells into the circulatory system, which causes the cancer cells to spread to the rest of the body. The cancer causes less blood cells to be present thus causing the body to lack blood cells which fight infections and carries vital compounds such as oxygen. The lack of oxygen does not affect the cancer cells, as most cancers cells create most of their energy without the presence of oxygen. Scientist are looking at a mutations in the cell, especially regarding to DNA rearrangement, to see if they can find a ‘loophole’ to cure this strain of cancer. This causes the scientists to …show more content…

There is only one particular antibody to kill pathogen causing the sickness or infection. Similar to how we have learned in science class, that each enzyme can only digest one type of substrate. For instance, lactase can only digests lactose because each substrate requires a specific active site. There is no specific antibody to fight cancer, since the body does not recognize cancer as an invader or a foreign substance, as the body does for other pathogens, since the cancer cells are just mutations of healthy cells already in our immune system.
It is interesting how cancer is so different than all of the other diseases out there. There are so many different types, lung cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, kidney cancer, etc, and many different types of each of those listed. There is no way that there can be just one cure. It is also peculiar that the body cannot recognize cancer as an invader. It is such an awful disease that has plagued our society. How can our immune system not recognize that it is an invader, when it has such awful repercussions on so many

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