Why Cancer Is Not Contributing With Onespecific Factor

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Cancer discovered and decoded late in the 19th century, it is unexpected disease, can happen to anyone at any age, and it doesn’t show an early scientific symptoms, the reasons that led to have a cancer it’s might have nothing to do with unhealthy life.

Protein–DNA interaction, cell dividing, and growth, smoking, sun, gas and chemical exposing. It’s all works as factors, and sometimes these factors plays a big part in causing you cancer, and sometimes it’s not. There is nothing granted with cancer.In this paper I’ll explain how genes connected with cancer.To do that, I collected my methodology from medical articles and Biology book and Biology, medicals blogs. From that I concluded, that is cancer is not contributing with …show more content…

What happen to my body?You might start to ask yourself how someone body fails him/her? How is your own body union with the enemy against you, and start to attacks you? It is all begin from the inside of your body one mistake in your DNA structure and you are facing serious medical condition, one of their condition is cancer. In cancer doctors only know how to fight it but rarely do they know what caused it. Since I was a child I wanted to understand cancer. Is it infection? Is it a bad food you ate it and then you get sick?
As I grow up and majored in biology I acknowledged the facts, there are a numerous explanations for cancer , some of it is known and can be avoided or work on , some of it, can 't be seen or predicted like what happen to your DNA.
In these papers I 'll try explain to readers how cancer start biologically and what is the relationship between it and you DNA and if it possible to be avoided.
In order to be able to understand cancer, you have to understand your body and to define what cancer is, for me it 's a group of stubborn and out of control cells have a motivation is grow and never stop, why is that? Becausethere was misunderstanding in the process of translation the information that have been received from the DNA. And since your DNA Holds all the data we have

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