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The story I tell myself about myself is one of inquisitiveness, resourcefulness, and drive. I am consider an extremely blessed person. I was adopted from another country. I have no clue what would have become of me if it was not for my parents. I was put into a family of four, making me the youngest of five siblings.
From a young age I was always into sports and asking questions. Ask my teachers from kindergarten to fifth grade about me. They will say I was a pretty smart. But if you ask my middle school teachers they will say I am not “sharpest tool in the shed”. The one thing I used as an outlet for me in those days was sports. I always prided myself in being one of the fastest and strongest kids in my middle school’s graduating class.
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At the end of July my grandpa on my mom’s side passed away. He was only one of my true grandparents I ever had the pleasure of knowing. I was very young when my dad’s father passed. I was very close with my grandpa. My mom told me how he wished for his kids and grandkids to go to college. But my mom was the only one in her family to go. I remember a few days after his funeral I found the last card he ever sent me from earlier this year for my birthday. This was not one of those funny birthday cards it was very sentimental and had meaning. It read, “Having a grandson means happiness. But seeing a grandson grow into a man to be proud of...there is no word to describe how that feels.” I recall in my tears the catharsis that took place. I decided to rid myself of all bad academic habits I slipped into. I decided I would do this no matter how hard it was. I would get myself turned in the direction that I need to go. The message in the card hit home and hit it hard. I imagined how proud my grandpa would be when I walk across a stage to accept my diploma from a university. I believe that in doing that I would be the man he hoped to see me grow into. The question for me now was: Where to begin and how could I make this change come about?
My final nights of summer were far from anyone’s definition of fun or exciting. I spent those nights watching videos, reading articles, and science journals about the way people learn and do well in
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