Myth Busting Summary

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While doing my research I came across a very informational article that will help me come to a conclusion that helps my hypothesis. The article is titled “Myth Busting: Robert Pape on ISIS, suicide terrorism, and I.S. Foreign Policy”. Elliot Balch writes this article in an interview style he has with Robert Paper, and the reason I will be using this article for this assignment is because it is to the point and in my opinion comes from a reliable source. Robert Pape is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago who specializes in international security affairs (Balch, 2015). While reading through this article it is clear that Robert Pape’s views on ISIS is that they are composed of a leadership of around 25 people, and according to him …show more content…

This helps my hypothesis because if we do not step in, ISIS will continue to push into more cities. “So what can an ordinary person do? It's basically looking for ways to participate in grassroots organizations. And one of the things to do is to talk about new arguments and new ideas. Within six degrees of separation, each of us knows everybody in the world. So if people who read your piece will just tell two or three other people, and then ask them to talk to two or three other people, that will do a lot more good than they might realize. It's actually a lot more powerful than people think, and it is the way to go forward” (Balch, 2015). This was my favorite thing that was said because it gives a potential solution to the problem. By communicating with not just our government, but as citizens, we are able to help come up with ideas and stop misinformation from happening. This article gave me some insight on what and how ISIS is doing in the East, and it also was able to tare apart some myths that I thought were true as

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