Mass Shooting Essay

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MEDIATING MEDIA RESPONSES TO TRAGEDY: CONSIDERING HOW SOCIAL SCIENCE COULD INFLUENCE POLICY Mass shooting cases have been very common in the history of America. Among the recently witnessed deadly mass shooting include: harvest music festival whereby Stephen Paddock killed 59 and injured more than 520, and pulse night club where 49 were killed. Claims for the causes of mass shootings 64 years old Stephen paddock fired bullets on music fans from his hotel room where 22000 fans were enjoying country festival final show. In his 10 minute assault, he killed 59 and injured more than 520. There are various theories that have been formulated regarding paddock’s motive atrocity. Immediately after the instant, ISIS claimed to be responsible but…show more content…
Among them include: restricting sales of guns to all individuals with criminal records, extending background checks to those who have purchased guns, and strengthening sentences to those who found possessing guns illegally (Wilson, 2017). Evidence suggestion Government should not only focus on mass shooting which occur very rarely but they should concentrate on coming up with solutions to reduce all types of violent crimes. It also claims that there is more exaggeration regarding correlation existing between violence and mental illness. UNDERSTANDING SUICIDE BOMBERS Did it surprise you that suicide bombers tend not to be psychologically unstable or that they are not mainly motivated by religion? How do the facts and findings reported in this article conflict with our usual cultural understanding of terrorists and suicide bombers? Suicide bombing refers to the act whereby an individual delivers explosives personally and then detonates them so as to cause greatest possible destructions, killing her or himself in the process (Asad, 2007). It is used by many militia groups, since it does not demand for experience or usage of a lot of resources but only requires a willing individual and explosives. Due to the fact that suicide bombers kill
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