Myth Of Sisyphus

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Eduardo Gutierrez
English 101
10 September 2015

Books can take readers to certain places they have never seen before without having them even leave their room. There are people who may not enjoy reading as much but there will always be one story, one author that changes their opinion about reading. Numerous authors put in day and night composing shitty first drafts just to make a story someone or many will never forget. Camus presents a philosophy devoid of religious belief and “middle-class” morality, where condemnation of choice and personal honesty become the bases of a happy and meaningful life.
The Myth of Sisyphus is the most revealing commentary on Albert Camus’ reasoning. Defining the absurd as arising from the meeting of two elements: …show more content…

It is similar personally when it comes to daily life struggles, not particularly pushing a rock up a hill but always striving for something and looking forward to what is over the hill. Life itself is a huge rock that needs to be pushed and I am stronger than a rock. Sisyphus has determination that is relatable. At the moments Sisyphus is struggling, Camus writes, “Sisyphus is superior to his fate. He is stronger than his rock.”
Not only this literature reflects back to me with life but it also reflects back to Camus’ philosophy – the absurd. In one’s own view, the absurd man is a man like yours truly. Life is absurd: the knowledge that death is inevitable makes life meaningless. Absurdism is a philosophy stating that the efforts of humanity to find meaning in the universe will ultimately fail because no such meaning exists (at least in relation to humanity). As Camus says in “An Absurd Reasoning” from his essay collection The Myth Of …show more content…

Generally, it is common that one can fall into routine or certain structure. One can find oneself not living life to the fullest but only just surviving and getting by the days. The protagonist breaks free to make his own decision and define himself by his own actions. He claims that he can choose his own course. For my part, revolt against the social order is daily. Forbid thyself to fall into a daily routine and not make reasons for my actions. There are no roles anyone has to fulfill or should fill. As an alternative, one can apply just a standard of amount: one should encounters as much as possible. One should demand more to life because more is always better, quality over

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