Myth : Older Adults Are Not Interested About Sex And Do Not Engage Sexual Activities

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Myth: Older Adults Are Not Interested in Sex and Do Not Engage in Sexual Activities
Daniel Howard
PSY 2430

Introduction: There is a popular myth revolving around older adults and how they do not actively engage in sexual activities any longer due to their old age. The media constantly advertises ‘the next big thing’ when it comes to putting sex drive back into your marriage. There are all sorts of pills for erectile dysfunction, creams for lubrication, and even arousal gels. Some individuals may in fact need these supplements, but it does not all stem from old age. Take the movie Something’s Gotta Give for example. Jack Nicholson plays a wealthy, 63-year-old New York businessman named Harry Sanborn who does not like to date for very long, instead he is just mainly in it for the hookup. The movie shows him with all of these different women, proving that his sexual interest and desire are just as strong as a younger mans. Diane Keaton plays Erica Barry, who is the mother of one of Harry’s girls. Throughout the movie you can feel the sexual tension between them, thus showing that females may also have as much sexual interest as males when aging. Another movie that is a great example of this would be It’s Complicated. In this movie Alec Baldwin plays a divorced lawyer named Jake Adler, who has married a younger woman. His ex-wife, Jane Adler is played by Meryl Streep. Jake and Jane have been divorced for ten years but the graduation of one of their

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