Mythical Creatures in the Sculpture, Legend and Myth by Damien Hirst

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I. Description
The sculpture Legend and Myth by Damien Hirst is a pair of sculptures depicting two mythical creatures. Legend is a sculpture of the legendary creature known as a Pegasus, and its counterpart, named Myth, which is a sculpture of a white unicorn. The medium that was used to create the two sculptures was a combination of painted gold, silver, and also bronze. The sculpture Legend measures to be 4575 x 2590 x 2260 mm or 180.1 x 102 x 89 in and was sculpted in 2010, while its companion, Myth, measures 3590 x 2800 x 808 mm or 141.3 x 110.2 x 31.8 in and was sculpted in 2011, which is close to the same size as the average horse you would see in a farmyard. According to my research, the last location that these two sculptures were displayed was at the Chatsworth House in England. Both sculptures are flayed on the left side of their bodies, showing the anatomy that lies within the creatures. The two sculptures face away from each other in show horse stances. Both have the flayed part that is showing the inner parts of the creatures facing opposite directions as well. The color of the skin on these sculptures is white, and on the flayed portions of them, the portions that are to be depicted as muscle are red, while the part that is to be bone is a golden color.
II. Analysis
Damien Hirst incorporated many elements of art into his creation Legend and Myth, including the form of the plinth that both of his sculptures stand upon. The plinth creates the

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