Derrick Hirst's End Game

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Artist Damien Hirst released his representational sculpture “End Game” between 2000 and 2004. The sculpture was made using glass, stainless steel, human skeletons, and medical equipment. In the sculpture Hirst intends to emphasize the fragile state of mortality and human kind. The title refers to the final stage of a chess match, and the name of a Samuel Bucket play where four characters are forced with the inevitability of death. The sculpture also addresses the idea of vanity, art pieces that usually address this topic are paintings with hourglasses, rotting fruit and most noticeably, skulls. This is the purpose of the human skeletons in the glass case of the sculpture. The skulls in the glass cases are facing opposite of each other and are male and…show more content…
In 1844 painted with watercolor, bodycolor and gum Arabic with graphite on paper, mounted to a board. The painting is non-objective and can have multiple interpretations In the painting the background and foreground are almost entirely green with the shadows behind the lion made by a heavily blue incorporated green color. In the corner a cluster of yellows and blues is emphasized, being one of lightest shades that is not in the main focus of the painting. When it comes to the stars of the painting the lion has bright green eyes and a heavily detailed main the horse lies on its side with blood coming out of its mouth as its bitten by the lion in the main area. The painting is heavily layered. (Because watercolor) I think the author was trying to emphasize a war of some kind, I came to this conclusion based on the representation of the animals where they are seen as strong, powerful, and strong. However, only the lion is seen as a wild animal, as horses are seen as a symbol of high class. It seems like two noble high powers were at war however the wild and crazy always win because they think of the
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