Mythology Of Yami Mythology

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The Yami have a unique mythology that functions both as the structure and law of their culture as well as serving as a history of the ancestors for the family recites it; in other words, what is called the 'Song of the Ancestors' is different or each family that recites it, and as far back as how the people got there in the myths may be different between village to village, or family to family. "Inez de Beauclair calls the Yami creation myths "genealogical stories" (1974, 56).” (quoted cp 5). The Yami have myths covering similar topics that are common to most ancient mythologies- the first men, the how and why of settlements emerged, the existence and uses of many plants animals and objects, and what the Yami's relationships …show more content…

Their main god, Simo-Rapao , is in charge of all other gods and passes judgment and punishments to the Yami on suggestion of the other gods who observe and report on the Yami's doings, and created the first two persons. While there are many gods in charge of different aspects, the gods are rarely mentioned in everyday life or mentioned by name in myths but are referred to as 'person from above' (belief sec, ref (Beauclair1974, 15))

The demons and the rules surrounding them are the most sophisticated aspect of the Yami belief system. There is an emphasis between real and imaginary (ie, people vs demons) and their cosmology includes the demons' island, and the “white Island” where a person's main soul goes after death. The functional mythology system can be considered demonism due to focus on demons in cultural fears and rituals.

Anito is a word mostly used for 'demon', or 'ghost' (the Yami have a different word for soul of a living person), commonly in reference to bad ghosts or demons that cause harm: bad behavior, sickness, injury, death, or anything bad that can happen to the Yami are attributed to these demons. 'Good' demons or ghosts who do not harm but watch over their family and offer comfort also exist. There is a second type of demon, called vongkow, that is nether good or bad and only takes the souls of bad people (Benedek, ch 3belief sect).

Demons can take the form of anything, and capable of anything a person can, being as they were one before. They

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