Myths And Myths Of Myths

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Mythology today can take many connotations in its meaning thus spurring a debate on what it is that myths actually mean and what they should teach us. It seems that myths and mythology should create both independent and creative thought while solidifying the culture/s that the myth is designed thus creating both a sense of individuality and community with in the world. When fundamentally broken down mythology is a collection of stories (myths) that usually belong to a specific culture or religious group. Myths then can be broken down into sets of stories that depict different aspects of the groups’ beliefs or history that are handed down from the elders for generations. It is these stories that help cultures and religions interpret the meaning of life while explaining humanity, life, and ultimately death. It is my opinion that these collections of stories hold a vital and elemental place in the hearts and souls of those that they belong to. Myths try to teach how to act and how to learn not only from our successes but from the deepest of failures. It is these failures that show teach us who we really are and what it is that we stand for. Another aspect of mythology that seems to go unnoticed is that mythology teaches us how to adapt and deal with the uglier things of this world. It shows us that no life is perfect and that everyone will have their own individual strife, which is what makes us human. Furthermore, it is these struggles that make each of us unique unto

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