N. W. A: Niggas With Attitude

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N.W.A all started in Compton in 1986. N.W.A is abbreviated for “Niggas with Attitude.” The group members are Arabian Prince, Dr.Dre, Eazy-e (may he rest in peace), and Ice Cube. Later on Dj Yella and Mc Ren joined the group. N.W.A was an unapologetically violent sexist pioneers of gangsta rap and west coast hip hop.
They had many albums, including Straight Outta Compton, Niggaz4life, Greatest hits, N.W.A and the posse. Eazy-e had needed material for a group he signed the label, HBO. When HBO rejected Ice Cube and Dre’s song “Boyz-in-the-hood” about South Central town of Compton Eazy-e decided to record a song himself. The 3 started working together as ‘Niggas with Attitude.” N.W.A's first album was “Panic Zone.” N.W.A celebrated the violence and hedonism of the criminal life, capturing it all in “blunt harsh language.” N.W.A had a song called “Fuck the Police” it was being played all over the radio stations. Many …show more content…

No matter the fact Dre left their influence from their funky, bass driven beats to their exaggerated lyrics it was evident throughout the 90’s. Knight threatened to kill N.W.A’s manager Jerry Hibbler if he refused to let out Dre from the contract he had for N.W.A. Dre later on made beats then made billions of dollars through that.There is controversy about Eazy's death they say that he got aids by having sexual activity with many females others say he was injected with hiv. How ? Well a person that doesn't have aids probably got blood from someone who does and inject it into Eazy.
Eazy-e was admitted to the hospital to what appeared to be asthma but died 11 days later form complications stemming from aids. Eazy-e died March 25 of 1995. Before the death of Eazy-e the group broke up because of financial disagreements. Dj Yella the first one to leave started making his own music and adult films. He was recently interviewed and asked about his music and adult

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