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Being a candidate for the NHS is an honor itself, this shows how much I have progressed towards my academic goals, and it also shows that my hard work is finally being taken into consideration. Thanks to the NHS if I am given the opportunity to become a member, my devoted time and effort into my grades as well as my character will be recognized and be taken into the next level of success. Joining the NHS is very significant for me because it will take me a step closer to my future career goals. I think I should be admitted to such a prestigious group of academic achievement, because I show characteristics that will make a great nominee for the NHS, such as. My GPA has remained no lower than a 3.97 throughout the entire year, I did research on the college I wish to assist and according to the college if I keep the same effort that I give now there is not a doubt that I could attend my dream college. By joining the NHS I will probably get a higher chance of attending that university and I can assure this because I recently completed a personal project named “The Dream Board”, which is the career path I created …show more content…

When I was working with a student he will have the right concept, but he will hesitate in which answer choice to pick. In order to help him overcome this I told him to not overthink it and to trust his guts. At first I thought this was a very basic way to approach the situation, but when the next test he approached me and told me how he took my advice and incorporated it whenever he was in doubt. I was later informed that he began helping other scholars in different ways, and many people were soon gaining confidence and it became very noticeable. This is the time were one simple concept/advice impacted various people in a beneficial

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