NVQ Level 3 - princples of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

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Loren Perfect 4229-204 – Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care. 1.1 Physical abuse is when someone hits you or hurts your body. Sexual abuse is when someone touches your body in a way you do not like, sexual abuse can also be when someone wants you to touch them or to wanting you to have sex with them when you don’t want to. Emotional abuse is when someone keeps saying hurtful things that upset you. Financial abuse is when someone takes your money or belongings from you without your permission, someone who is committing financial abuse may also force you to give them things or spend money that you don’t want to spend. Neglect by others is where the people that are supposed to support and look after you …show more content…

You can also even go to the police or CQC if you feel that the matter is not being taken seriously. Record the facts not your opinions on the matter. Do not judge and do not tamper with evidence. 2.2 When someone tells you that they are being abused you should always follow your company’s policies and procedures, listen and not to judge or asking leading and closed questions. Let the person tell you in their own words what has or is happening. Give reassurance to the individual and take the accusation seriously it may have taken the persons to build up a lot of confidence to speak out. Record it on the appropriate paper in the appropriate way and you should always date and sign the paperwork, if there are any witnesses then get them to also sign and date. If possible take pictures for evidence. 2.3 To ensure that the evidence of the abuse has been preserved record the facts immediately, report exactly what has been said to your manager ad make multiple copies and store them somewhere safe where no anyone that doesn’t need to know can see them. Do not tamper with any evidence or put your own thought into the accusation. 3.1 National policies and local systems relating to safeguarding and protecting adults from abuse are no secrets 2000, equality act 2000, equal opportunities act 2010, human right act 1998, metal health act, mental capacity act 2005, CRB checks, quality care

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