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Harsh Patel
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Assignment #1
Rough Draft From merely the last two decades, women have begun to show out in society with their vast achievements and accomplishments. In the early days of the Iranian revolution, a young woman named Azar Nafisi started teaching at the University of Tehran. However, in 1981, Nafisi was expelled from the University of Tehran for refusing to wear an Islamic veil. Seven years later, however, she did indeed resume teaching but soon resigned in protest over the increasingly cruel punishments of the Iranian government toward women. She dreamed of working with students that carried a great passion for learning. In Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi and her seven students join together every Thursday
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Mahsid and like many others didn’t get the education they wanted. They didn’t have the ability to follow their dreams in a normal sense. People should not have to hold private classrooms in a home just to learn about something they enjoyed. Freedom to express one’s individuality should always be given as a citizen. Countless people in other countries like the U.S. have endless amounts of resources that can be used for various purposes. Countries like Iran limit these resources because of their government. Students like that of Nafisi’s all simply share the joys of learning. All seven students weren 't required to do anything, but their passion to discuss various texts is what put them apart from a normal classroom that of today. Nafisi held great pride in her classroom. "This class was the color of my dreams" (254). She described each of her seven students very distinctively, giving specific traits and qualities the students held. Withdrawing into one 's dream can be very dangerous according to Nabokov. The country in which Nafisi lived in gave harsh punishments to those individuals who didn 't abide by the laws. The way the women held private discussions was very risky. They risked their entire lives just to be different in terms of art and literature and not have to comply with the Iranian rules. They thoroughly conversed among the texts of not only Lolita, but as well as One Thousand and One Nights and Invitation to a Beheading. These are works of
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