Napoleon Bonaparte's Position as a Great Man

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People need leader, despite the fact that they will not mentioned in the history, who can direct, guide and motivate them to achieve greatness out of ordinary life. History has witnessed many great men who rose above their ordinary life and filled this position such as Napoleon Bonaparte.

On June 18th 1815 in the town of Waterloo, Belgium, the Anglo-Allied forces and French army demonstrated their power under the command of Duke of Wellington and with leadership from Napoleon Bonaparte known as the Battle of Waterloo. After his return to France, Bonaparte assembled his infamous French army 72 000 men and proceed to attack the Anglo-Allied Forces of 118 000 under the command of The Duke of Wellington and Gebhard von Blücher. Against all odds and unfavorable circumstances, the French emperor marched onwards with an intention of preventing Anglo-Allied Forces advancing to Brussels. After attempting many of his acclaimed war tactics and strategies, Bonaparte’s strong effort and unfaltering eagerness were proven futile. By underestimating the strength of the Anglo-Allies, Bonaparte’s aspiration of a unified European nation was washed away with heavy rain and buried under the muddy ground of Waterloo. The strategic and tactful leader abdicated after witnessing the scattered and dead army on June 21st 1815. Later, he was captured and exiled to the South Atlantic island of St Helena, where he died on May 5th 1821.

When the British overcame the French forces, it stamped an

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