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Richard was too late. Josephine almost had a heart attack after seeing her husband, Brently, walk through the door. Josephine ran up to her husband and hugged him. She had tears rolling down her eyes but this time it was not tears of joy. Josephine wanted to enjoy the spring time by herself, she wanted her husband gone. She wiped away the tears and faked a smile. Then she said “I thought you were dead, what happened? Are you hurt?” Brently sits down with her and tells her that he missed the train and was staying in a hotel near the train station until the next day. He caught a taxi back home to surprise her with flowers and an 18-karat gold necklace. Josephine put the flowers in a vase and set it on the dining room table, then she walked into the kitchen and pulled out meat and vegetables to prepare dinner. She placed a plate of grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn in front of Brently. Brently had a huge smile on his face because it was his favorite meal and it was the meal they had on their first date in college. Brently tries talking about the day but Josephine sits there in silence. She cleans up after dinner and goes to sleep early. Josephine wakes up in the middle night and starts packing a suitcase. She sneaks out of the house around 5 a.m. to catch a train out of town. She takes three trains and gets on a boat to a secluded island off the west coast. She gets a part-time job at a local restaurant and buys a big house on the beach. The house has a

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