Narcissistic Behavior from Media and Social Media

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I believe media and social media plays a large role in the rise in narcissistic behavior in Western society. Facebook, YouTube are primary examples. I also felt that parenting philosophies of today play a part in the rise, as well. We have kids on YouTube taping the beatings of other classmates, you can post anything on Facebook and you can have 'phony' friends on social media...doesn't anyone get to know someone before calling them a friend? I feel our society is full of 'phony' counterparts; friends, beauty, rich people, celebrities, athletes, education, parent/child relationships, and our economy. I feel it's almost as if society is living in a 'grandiose' fantasy, and some of us (who actually see this happening) are left on the outside, looking in. Personally, I like being on the 'outside'. I also felt current parenting philosophies, media and social media plays a large role in society's narcissistic behavior. Parents are often overindulgent and parents and educators are being told to teach self-esteem to the point that our children often feel that the 'world revolves around me'. Self-esteem is a very important part of growing up, yet we also need to teach our children that the feelings and respect for others are just as important. Media makes models look picture perfect, even when they aren't. Our social interaction on the Internet allows others to be disrespectful and hurtful while remaining anonymous (or not). Bullying and beatings are being filmed and posted on

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