Narcissistic Personality Disorder Research Paper

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Narcissistic personality disorder is one of the most common and accepted disorders in society today. With narcissistic personality disorder people tend to have a high sense of self-worth and many other self-indulgent symptoms. This disorder has become so widely accepted that the recent DSM-5 has actually removed it from their diagnosis manual. Every person who is a part of society has the ability to show narcissistic symptoms throughout their life time but to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder a person has to show a variety of symptoms as well as consistency throughout time. Narcissistic personality disorder can be defined as a “[person] who think[s] they are better than everyone else and should get their way in all circumstances…” …show more content…

It can affect children as well as adults. Children who are diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder tend to be “the child of narcissistic parents, the adopted child, the child of successful parents (particularly if the child lacks similar ability), the overindulged or wealthy child, and the child of divorce” (Bardenstein 149). Also, children who are abused will begin to show signs of narcissism either as a child or later in life. Diagnosing children can be more difficult than diagnosing adults because “narcissistic injuries are an inescapable part of both normal and pathological development, for some children narcissistic difficulties are the central feature of their psychopathology” (Weise et al 245). As a child ages and becomes an adolescent, narcissistic personality disorder becomes easier to diagnose. There are some symptoms in children and adolescents that you do not tend to see within adults but on average the symptoms between children, adolescents, and adults tend to be very similar in age appropriate ways. Narcissistic personality disorder tends to be a non-discriminative disorder. People from various cities and countries are diagnosed with the disorder, as well as people of different ages. Men and women also are diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, though it is more prevalent and diagnosed in men. It is unknown why men tend to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder …show more content…

Each person diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder tends to progress differently. Some become treated while others symptoms remain the same. Also, some people with narcissistic personality disorder can have symptoms that advance into the severe form of the disorder, sometimes needing hospitalization. There are also people who will have diminished symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder, most of these people tend to be children or adolescents diagnosed at a young age and loose symptoms throughout adulthood. Most cases of narcissistic personality disorder tend to not become severe and remain livable although it can affect personal and professional relationships. There are no certain causes for narcissistic personality disorder, only speculations as to what could be the reason. “Lack of parental empathy toward a child’s developmental needs may bear some responsibility” (Dimaggio). Many of the suggested reasons why I person develops narcissistic personality disorder stems from things that happen in the persons childhood or adolescents. It is suggested that the upbringing of a child can have major effects on a person’s personality later in

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