Narrative About Driving

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“Come on honey, Kaylee is doing great at her driving! Come on and let her take you for a drive!” My dad said confidently. I had over heard since my bedroom was right by the kitchen, I could just smell the delicious spaghetti my mom was making! “We’ll see, but first everyone is going to eat dinner, then we will see what happens!” Said my mom with a terrified voice. “Yes!” Both my dad and I had said very loud. “What was that?” My dad had yelled as if he had just heard a ghost. “It was me!” I had replied, “Mom you're really going to let me drive with you?” “I had said maybe and after dinner!” She had said with an aggravated tone in her voice. So we had all eaten the delicious spaghetti she had made that night and she was cleaning it…show more content…
Then I started driving down the street and the speed limit is 15mph, and that is exactly the speed I was doing, my neighborhood also has a bunch of speed bumps. I went over one of the speed bumps perfectly and my mom was very impressed. MY mom told me, “You aren’t that bad at driving, but you are never going to be better than me!” “Yeah right I’ll see you going down the track next year, while you are sitting in the stands!” I said with a confident smirk on my face. I had said that to her since at Bandimere Speedway you can race at thirteen, and its my dads dream to have one of his daughters to race and since my sister Aubreigh can’t drive because she has down syndrome I am going to do it to make my dad proud of me, also I love racing! But anyways, I was driving down the street some more and it was around 7:30 which is the time every kid in my neighborhood is out. My mom saw the kids and told me “You better not kill any of these kids out here, we don’t have insurance!” “I won’t I promise!”I said with a sweet voice. I came up to a stop sign down my street and came to a stop very slowly. “START TO SLOW DOWN KAYLEE” she yelled at me as I WAS…show more content…
Lucky for me I had slammed on the brakes and the boy was
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