Narrative Essay About A Masquerade Ball

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“Aahat Aahat Bloot!” sounded the busy cars in Times Square, New York City. The clock struck twelve and the street filled with people and preposterous, loud music. I don’t know how I ended up here; I remember leaving the New Years Masquerade Ball to head home before my stepmother returned, but seems like I headed the wrong way. My attire for the ball was different; I now wore a red dress that was clenching, tight with white stripes. I wandered around bewildered at the people and events happening. Eventually, the mass of people from the street started to move towards this building, so I followed behind the crowd. Immediately after we arrived in the building, the aroma of the place was sickening. The room was filled with alcohol with a stench of marijuana; there were people unconscious on the floor and some were throwing up. My mind was appalled at how unaware the people were to their surroundings. Somehow I found myself in the kitchen of the place, they were handing out drinks and bottles. The back of my mouth began to water for the drink, take into mind, I haven't had anything to drink since the ball. To quench my thirst, I instantly snatched the…show more content…
The music faded out and the only thing I could hear was the bass of the songs. Several males tried to come up and hit on me, but I curved them quick. There was this one boy though, whose face seemed to remind me of home. Although I knew he wasn't from where I was from, my mind still had hope that he would help lead me home. When I approached him, he turned around quickly and admitted he knew I was lost and offered to help me get home. A sense of relief, comfort, and happiness ran over my body; I thanked him for understanding the urgency of me getting home. He then offered me a pill to help with a headache that he assured was soon to come. The commodious building now seemed to be narrow and congested; the room began to spin and then I
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