Narrative Essay About Ellis Island

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Ellis Island Essay

January 1,1892 getting ready to aboard the ship with my best friend Ashlyn Yaya and heading towards Ellis Island. It's kind of exciting,but depressing at the same time because I have to leave my family. We both came from South Sudan. It took us an hour to get ready because we had no clue what to pack. What I packed was at least five outfits,a toothbrush,perfume,deodorant,money,and three pair of shoes. I had one big suitcase and started walking towards the ship while shaking. Everyone was walking on with smiles on their face while mine was just normal. I didn't know what to think about it. What would happen to me? Will I ever get to see my family? These questions are just a few of them of what I thought. Have you just ever said something or did something without you knowing, well that's what just happened. I got out of my train of thought and I was already on the ship, and the adventure begins. Everyone got settled in. The ship started moving and everyone got quiet for a few seconds and then they started screaming with cheer. Ashlyn was right beside me through all of it, but I was still scared. I was at the top of the ship where all of the riches are. I don't personally call myself that. I think about it like I have enough money to get through and enough needed. Two hours later…. Everyone was getting bored even me. I had a bright idea. I leaned over and whispered in Ashlyn’s ear and told her that we should grab someone and start dancing. I walked

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