Narrative Essay About Matilda

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Matilda was a small girl who was not cared by her parents at all. She was a very peculiar child. By the age of four Matilda taught herself to read to read with the help of the magazines and newspapers at her house. Matilda was ignored by everybody in her family. Both her parents did not concentrate on Matilda. Every afternoon when Matilda’s mother also went to the club for bingo, Matilda was left alone in her house. Gradually she engaged herself by going to the public library that was ten minutes away from her house. The librarian Mrs. Phelps was really fascinated by the ability of this little girl and helped her choose books and took great care of her. Matilda’s father, Mr. Wormwood was a car dealer, who cheated his customers by selling second-hand…show more content…
Honey. Miss. Honey realized that Matilda’s abilities and finds that she had already passed the lessons that were taught in lower classes. Matilda also hears about Mrs. Trunchbull, the headmistress of the school. She was a very cruel lady, she hated little children. All classes of the school had a class of Mrs. Trunchbull once a week, and Matilda’s class also had Mrs. Trunchbull taking classes on Thursday’s. During one of Trunchbulls first class, Lavender, one of Matilda’s best friends, played a prank with Trunchbull by putting a newt (a slimy creature, like an alligator) in her dinking water. Mrs. Trunchbull, who was really very angry with the students wanted to find the culprit and guessed it was Matilda who did it and punished her. Matilda, who was extremely sad and angry about the issue, was in a very different stage of mind. She felt as if there was something weird going along her, she felt like the glass of water along with the newt should spill just on to Trunchbulls head. She felt thousands of invisible hands pushing through her eyes and tripping the glass on to Trunchbulls head. It was amazing. Even Matilda couldn’t believe she did it. Angry with everybody, Trunchbull left the class with her face
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