Narrative Essay About My Great Grandmother

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My eyes were red and puffy while a broken hearted feeling settled in my body. I was only in Kindergarten, however, it was one of the uttermost grueling things I had to live with at the time. Nobody should have to bother with losing such a marvelous women, like their Great grandmother. At the time I did not understand what was happening, yet now that I am older I know the feeling preferably because of how many times I had to cope with the death of a loved one. It was a crisp sunny afternoon, in the middle of October, right before the dismissal from school. You could smell a fresh breeze coming through the sky, and when you would look up to the bright green tops of trees and the fluffy white clouds you could see the colorful autumn leaves falling to the dewy green grass. It was not so cold that you needed you winter jacket, however, it was always a good idea to have your coat with you. I had a note from my mother saying that I was not to ride the bus today. Instead, we were going to visit my Great grandma in hospice care. Her name was Helen, yet, we called her bubba. She was a loving, caring, and thoughtful 93 year old women, and she could never forget a face. Finally we got the the hospice center and checked in. When we got to her room the nurses that worked there said that she had was in a coma the night before. My mother stepped out to talk to the nurses and told me to go in. I stepped into her room and notice how dull the walls and sheets were, then I finally had the

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