Narrative Essay On A Trip To Cross La Linea

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I woke up today and It was my brother's birthday, Miguel. I've always woken up with the thought of being able to cross La Linea but of course it's only been a thought as much as I think about it I don't think there would ever be a possibility. After we ate together and said happy birthday to my brother, I planned on going outside to see what I'd find, the only problem was I did not know where my shoes were . I begun looking everywhere, yet I couldn't find them so I decided to look around Miguel's room, there i found a note it was from our dad. It stated that It's been a long time since he left and he wanted Miguel to finally make the trip and to see Don Clemente, he was a guy who'd help many people cross La Linea of course, with a cost.…show more content…
"Well I need some money for my trip across La Linea, if you could help with that it'd be great." I answered, I knew he was going to give me some money as soon as I asked because his face lit up and he had a big smile on his face. He then said " sure Elena i'll get you the money hold up." The next thing on the list after getting the money was buying the supplies I was excited tomorrow was the day, but I was also a bit scared. I decided that if I was basically going to be Miguel's shadow I had to dress differently so I decided to buy some clothes so I could look like an old Indian woman. After getting all the supplies and going over the instructions I finally went home and out everything away, when Miguel left I'd go right behind him in the same bus station and i'd buy a ticket. Waking up, today was the day I would go on my trip I had everything packed and ready. So was Miguel but he didn't know that I was ready for the trip as well. Everything was ready and so was i, i got in a vehicle and got taken to the bus station, i purchased my bus ticket and waited, i thought to myself here began the
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