Narrative Essay On Basketball Game

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The Warriors forced a game seven, will they be able to go in this game in crunch time and win their first NBA Title? The crowd is amazing at Oracle Arena, and here come the players with energy ready to pull out the win. As the first quarter started I was on the bench waited for my time to go in, man I'm ready!Yes, I'm finally in it's the second quarter and were down by three let's pull out the lead and win this game. It's halftime and were going into the locker room, as we go into the locker room I’m thinking to myself that we are going to win this game and we have the talent, so while coach is talking to us he is telling us just to keep our heads high and believe and we can pull out this win. It’s the end of halftime and were going out for …show more content…

Once I went up to the line I looked at that scored bored and told myself “We can win this!” So I shot the first shot and I made it as coach called a timeout I tied the game. I went out to shoot my second shot and it went in to make us go up 1 with 10 seconds left as the bulls are driving down they get a 2 and we are stuck with the decision to go for the win or lose the game if not being able to tie by making a free throw. We drive down and we pass it to Curry he shoots there are 0.3 seconds on the clock if he misses this we lose I watched that ball go all the way to the hope and he made it we won the crowd was crazy and they were everywhere. We were cheering that we won and we in disbelief because we were so happy, but when it was all said and done we had to shake hands and part ways as that meant that we were heading into the

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