Narrative Essay On Kyle's Memoir

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Kyle’s Memoir

“Where are we going,” I asked.
“It doesn't matter,” my mother said, sitting in the car . It was only a matter of time until my parents weren’t parents any more.As we were leaving the house all I could think about was where are we going and for what reason are we leaving the house for.Before all of this we(my brother named Kenny Curtis(KC) and myself named Kyle) were instructed to grab a bunch of clothes and get in the car.I never actually realized what was happening until we started living at my mother’s friend's house.I realized that my parents were in a divorce.It stunned me for a while, but eventually I figured out that it is ok and most people get into a divorce.
We lived at my mom’s friend's house for about a year and It was very hard to settle anywhere and relax.My mom’s friend has two kids, one named Destiny(girl) and Dimitry(boy), they were nice but also a little wild.Both of them bull ride and they own a farm. One night that we were there, dimitry which is younger than me slept
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In present day right now I still have to do chores and we still go on these long trips.I keep on getting in these big arguments with Amanda because even today she dropped me off at the gas station so that I could walk to school and be “time consuming” because she dropped me off at 7:00 am.I think that it was kind of dumb because it is just so that I could walk and it just doesn’t make any
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