Peace Officer Research Paper

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Being thirty-one years old, I have had more than a few experiences that have tailored me to become a

Criminal Justice Major at this university. I believe I have been lead to this highly controversial path, as a

shining light in the darkness. I like thinking back on the roots of the original title that was given to police

officers, that is Peace Officers.

During my mid-teens my family went through a lot of changes. My parents had separated and divorced,

resulting in my mother leaving and not communicating to our family for months.My father had met a

new woman and they both got serious pretty quickly. This quick transition eventually leads to my family

moving in with my father’s girlfriend.

During the move in, I learned very quickly that Susan, my father’s girlfriend, was very different in …show more content…

Eventually we came to the Christmas Season. Respecting Susan’s beliefs, I planned on celebrating

Christ’s birth in my personal room.Eventually it was discovered and I was instructed to take down my

decorations. As a teenager I did not take this very well and an argument ensued.

The sheriff’s office was called to deal with me. I believe the deputy who responded was God’s warrior

answering the call. Not only was I hurting that my father did not stop his girlfriend from kicking me out

of the house, but now I had to deal with being homeless. The Deputy cleared out the front seat and

invited me to sit up front with him.

During our conversation we spoke about God and Jesus and how we don’t know His plan for us. He

prayed with me and encouraged me to continue my growth and walk with Christ. The deputy single-

handedly laid God’s plan in front of me. He shared the Lord’s light with me when I felt that the world

was closing in on me and that there was no hope. This single event is what drives me to pursue my

degree and to continue my walk with

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