Narrative Flow Of The Current System

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Narrative Flow of the Current System

GW Computers opens at 8:00 AM until 7:30 PM and is open from Monday to Sunday. The persons that are involved in the company are the Manager, Technician/s and the Cashier. The Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the business. He is responsible for overseeing and supervising the company’s activities and employees. He hires, train and evaluate new employees. He drives the work of employees in order to run the business efficiently and make a large profit. And specializes in marketing, public relations and sales. The Manager checks the Daily Sales Report kept by the Cashier to keep track of the products sold in a particular time. The Technician installs hardware and software systems, …show more content…

The cash in voice is a small piece of paper used as receipt and is given to customers. Its format has the brand and name of product, quantity or the number of units, name of customer, and date of the specified time, and price of product and a blank space for cashier’s signature. In encoding, the cashier writes down using a ball pen filling up all the information needed and is handed to the customer as proof that they purchased the item.

And as for product warranty, the company provides a specified format to be used and given for the customer. It is called warranty slip. The warranty vary upon the category and price of the product or service. For purchased laptop or a computer set the warranty given is one year. For computer and laptop parts and accessories the warranty given is three months. And for items with price tags ranging below five hundred pesos are given two weeks of warranty.

The warranty slip issued format has customers name, date, brand and name of product, products specification and serial number, quantity of product, retail price, price discounted, total price, signature of the cashier whom prepared the slip, approval signature of the technician or the manager and signature of the customer. The slip is encoded by the cashier in the computer with a file format of Microsoft excel. After filling up the required information the cashier prints out two warranty slip to be signed by

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