Narrative Speech About Friendship

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In Elementy you always wanted to have friends, you wanted to also be the cool kid or have a friendship with the cool kid. Well sadly you can’t always make all your friends happy and I had to learn that the hard way. Getting bullied in Elementary made me think twice on who were my friends. Bullying got me thinking less of me thinking i was worthless ugly if you will. In the end i learned that you can't make everyone happy and you can't be the perfect image that everyone wants to be.

Now I'm not saying you can't be friends with anyone and have to be a loner, what I’m saying is that you said check twice on who surrounds you. You may be thinking why? Well here is why not everyone is the nice person that you want to have around you as a best friend. How do i know? Well It was in elementary when i had this friend named jordan. Me and jordan got along pretty well after knowing jordan for three years i thought we were best friends, little did i know that i was very wrong! One day in the middle of summer the teacher let a few kid leave early to go to lunch and i was one of them. I left the classroom and got in line for lunch the line was extra log that day so i had to go to the very back. While i was waiting in line Jordan finally made it out of the classroom and into the lunchroom she was with her friend that i did not know. Jordan started talking to her friend and ignored me which i really didn't have a problem with but saw them smirking and looking at me. Then Jordan turns to

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