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Through my experiences I have come to realize that there are basically three types of friends a person can have. There are friends that I call “sometimes” friends, these people appear to be your friend but only when you are face to face with them, and when you are not around them they act more like a foe. They are often referred to as two faced or a back stabber. These types of friends are not very reliable nor should they be trusted. Another type of friend a person can have, and the best kind, is a “true” friend. A true friend is someone you know you can always trust and rely on no matter what. The last type of friend is the “acquaintance”. These are the type of friends that you do not necessarily hate, but at the same time you do …show more content…
These people are not very reliable and should not be trusted with things of a personal matter or with things of great importance. You should confront this person and let them know how you are feeling about the way they are treating you. Let them know how things look from your point of view. If they are a true friend they will try to correct their ways and start acting like a real friend would act. If they do not change their ways and they continue to take advantage of you, it would probably be smart of you not to associate with them anymore. An “acquaintance” friend is someone who you will usually encounter every so often for business needs or for some other reason. You most likely are on good terms with these people, but they are not considered close friends whom you would talk to about personal problems. They could be someone at the grocery store where you shop at, the place where you work, the barber shop or salon where you get your hair cut, or maybe the convenience store where you get gas at. They usually seem as if they are good people and friendly. The acquaintance friend has the potential to become somewhat closer over time if there are enough meetings between the two of you. Most friends that people say are good friends were just an acquaintance at some point in time, but became closer as they got to know each other better. Last,

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