Nas The World War II

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NASA is one of the largest organizations in the world. Although we see it everywhere, most of us take NASA completely for granted. Yet, we are still obliviant of the fact that NASA is a main reason why we can enjoy things like quick and safe plane rides, the internet, and most science fiction movies and books. Little do we know how hard NASA works for our benefit, constantly struggling to find a different way to help not only America, but the whole world.
During World War II, America and the Soviet Union fought united against Nazi Germany, Japan, and Italy (or the Axis). Despite working alongside each other, the two nations did not have a good relationship. America was suspicious of Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leader at the time, and was
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Since it is a U.S. government agency, NASA must be approved by Congress before starting a new project. The President often assigns a job to NASA such as when they landed on the moon and built space shuttles.
Because any mission conducted by NASA is extremely expensive, Congress is also responsible for deciding whether they should fund the program or not. The U.S. government (Congress) funds NASA using federal revenue collected from income, corporate, and many other taxes. The total amount of money that NASA has been funded from the years 1958 to 2011 amounts to a whopping $526.178 billion , which averages out to about $9.928 billion per year.
NASA Headquarters is located in Washington, D.C., and is lead by the Administrator. The Administrator is the highest ranked official of NASA and is responsible for leading the whole NASA team and guiding them on how to successfully accomplish missions and achieve goals. HQ’s main purpose is to guide and direct the agency. Not including their headquarters, there are ten other centers scattered across the United States, totaling up to over 18,000 NASA employees. Although astronauts are the best known in the organization, they are only a small component of the workforce. In fact, most of the staff are engineers and scientists. The rest of the program is made up of secretaries, lawyers, writers,

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