Nathaniel Gorham: A Strong Politician Essay

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Nathaniel Gorham was born in Massachusetts on May 27, 1738. His family was descendants of John Howland, who was a founder of the Plymouth colony, hence the reason he was raised in Massachusetts. He married Rebecca Call in his mid-20s and together they had nine kids. His father was a packet boat operator, and he a merchant. He received an insufficient education growing up, but always seemed to nudge his way into political affairs. Gorham accomplished much with his career before the convention, played an important role as a politician during the convention, and showed great participation after the convention.
Nathaniel Gorham was quite the go getter when it came to his career and politics. He had a strong career as a public notary, a …show more content…

He also wanted an agreement of military authority. After the damage done by Shay’s Rebellion, he thought Massachusetts might have separated between the east and west, which eventually does happen within a time span of 150 years. He played a prominent role in the ratification of Massachusetts. Gorham was indeed a founding father, one of the 55 delegate signers of the Constitution.
Although Nathaniel Gorham was an astonishing political leader, who made great decisions for his nation, he did not serve in the newly formed government that resulted from the signing of the Constitution. He and Oliver Phelps from Windsor, Connecticut, wanted to buy six million acres of land in western New York, which at the time was not approved land. The price of this land was lessened to one million dollars in Massachusetts Scrip, the currency of Massachusetts, which worked out for Gorham and Phelps because they were able to sell it to settlers. When things seem to be going well, something bad is bound to happen. Gorham and Phelps were in deep because the value of the Scrip was increasing drastically, and they were facing difficulty in paying their required payments. The challenging struggle both men faced to come up with the money was known as Gorham’s insolvency. Gorham’s insolvency showed how his strong political

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