Nathaniel Hawthorne The Importance Of The Scarlet Letter

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Leonardo Rodriguez
Adam Powell
English III P.2
13 November 2015
The Importance of a Letter
A letter can have many meanings. For example, an “X” often represents the location of a long lost treasure. Another example is the “S” on Superman’s which stands for hope. In The Scarlet Letter , by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester Prynne is shamed, as the result of committing adultery, by wearing the letter “A” on her chest. She is chastised by her community and raises her daughter away from everyone else. Nathaniel Hawthorne describes the scarlet letter as a “fine red cloth, much worn and faded ... three inches and a quarter in length” (Hawthorne 38). To the author, the letter is just simply a letter. It is very beautiful and well embroided. In this story, it is portrayed as much more than just a letter. Although the author depicts the letter as a fine cloth, it takes a new and a symbolic meaning throughout the novel. …show more content…

This quote gives the reader more information about Hester. First of all, it lets them know that she embroidered the letter. She made her own punishment, how ironic is that? It also says that she is very good in the skill of embroidery. Another thing the reader knows is that the letter illuminated upon her bosom. In other words, Hester is beautiful and looks good in anything. The author starts the book with a negative view of Hester. He writes her leaving a prison, with a baby and the scarlet letter, in the shape of the letter “A”, as she is mocked by the townspeople. Its purpose is to remember her of her sin and also remind anyone else who sees her of what she has

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