Essay about National Geographic Searches for Long Life in the Blue Zones

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There are certain parts in the world called Blue Zones. Dan Buettner and a team of researchers including a National Geographic team searched all over the world looking for these Blue Zones what they called the Blue Zones study. Blue Zones are the hot spots for longevity. Individuals living in these particular Blue Zones live to be over 100 years old. The overall life expectancy for Americans is about 77 years of age. The life expectancy for a woman tends to be approximately five years longer than a male. There are four hot spots and they all have something in common and something different than the others. Buettner and his team researched the Blue Zones and their similarities and differences for weeks.
The first Blue Zone is Okinawa,
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Elders provide wisdom, love and motivation for all younger ones. Like the Okinawans, Sardinians have a plant based diet using sheep cheese, goat’s milk and meat as an accent not the main course.
The third Blue Zone is Loma Linda, California. In the Loma Linda community they are Adventists. They volunteer which reduces stress and creates a sense of purpose. It makes an activity for Adventists with the same interests and skills. Volunteering connects them, bringing them closer and closer every time they work together. They are a very tight group of people. They take time to spend with their friends and for potluck socials. They have groups like Okinawan moais. Adventists find a place to observe the Sabbath every week from Friday to Saturday night. They focus only on their family, friends, nature, and, most importantly, God. They maintain a healthy body weight which helps keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure down. Some of the vegetables and fruits they eat reduce the chance of lung, ovarian and prostate cancer. They eat lots of nuts which also reduce the risk of heart disease and increase their life expectancy by two years. Adventists eat big breakfasts, lunch and then a light dinner which helps with sleep and lowers BMI.

The last Blue Zone is Nicoya, Costa Rica. Nicoyans get a healthy amount of sunlight and Vitamin D everyday, making the chance for osteoporosis and heart disease lower. Like the Adventists they have their
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