National Identity : An Influential Part Of An Individual

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National identity impacts both a nation as a united whole and the people who belong to that nation. National identity can also become an influential part of an individual 's definition of them self, their sense of belonging and how they look at the world and view their own place in it. Land has usually played an important role in defining a nation. People have a natural affection for the landscape in which they grew up. They are proud of its natural beauties- the mountains, rivers, and forests- and of the towns and cities that flourish there. People are proud, too, of their nation’s history – the shared struggles and achievements that have shaped the way they live today. Religion, culture, race, and lifestyle, too, have sometimes played a role in fostering a nation’s identity. Often, though, a nation includes people of different races, beliefs, and customs. Many have come from distant countries, and some want to preserve their traditional lifestyles. The communal elements of national identity include the country’s own unique and diverse celebrations, national symbols, traditions, food, language, structure of government and the history of national experiences or achievements.
Mexico: There are many elements to the national identity of Mexico, which revolve around symbolism, cuisine, religion and the unique language created by the mixing of indigenous and Spanish cultures, language, structure of government and both the large and small ethnic groups which create a culture
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