The Media Helps to Construct National Identity and Loyal National Subjects. Discuss.

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The media helps to construct national identity and loyal national subjects. Discuss.


In the twenty first century, the media has been transformed into a highly influential tool and segmented to aspects such as print, broadcast, film, outdoor and internet etc. The relationship between the media and construction of national identity is apparent with distinctive representation of nationalism in news coverage of politics, celebrations, tourism and country heritage (Leong, 2001).

National identity is the transmission of each generation’s legacy to the next and the enabling of the nation citizen to take pride and identification of the country (Stephan, 2009). A nation positive unique identity breeds patriotism which consequently
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As such the Singapore flag, pledge and anthem together with the National Day visual display of patriotism and flags on the building are promoted daily in schools and annually on 9th of August with much elaboration and significance.

Therefore, it can be seen that media in Singapore are essential tools to promote national identity while supporting the ruling party political regime. Singapore then Prime Minister proposed that the press should support national goals and he states that: “we want mass media to reinforce, not undermine, the cultural values and social attitudes being inculcated in out school and universities” (Lee, 1971). For that reason, most of Singapore media today is under control of the government or government-linked corporations and are the principal instrument in creating social and political stability as well as advocating government policies and instilling nationalism (Leong, 2001).

Also, the government uses Roger Protection Motivation theory (Severin & Tankard 1992, p.159) by arousing fear to help influence the cognition, attitude and behaviors intention through the severity, probability and efficacy of an event (Rogers, 1983). Fear appeal like self-censorship; out-of-bound markers and hefty defamation suit are used extensively to control the media and prevent dissenting criticism or anything that will deconstruct the nation identity and subject loyalty.

As such, lesser negativity on the nation will
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