National Labor Relations Act

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Labor unions protect our rights as a person in the work force. The Labor Union Act was much needed during the Great Depression because it gave people a voice when they were afraid to speak their thoughts; in fear of being fired, they kept quiet. Once the act was legal, the employers began to become furious because they had to make sure that their employees were treated well, this costed them more money. Many employers were against this act because they were expected to make sure that the work environment was up to par, and the reasons for firing someone has to be justified with evidence. The National Labor Relations Act was successful because it helped decrease labor strikes and raised wages; however, it failed to establish a permanent culture of labor relations in today’s society. The National Labor Relations Act was put into place in order to protect the employment and the rights of a worker. Before the act was put into effect, there was a large strike that caused an abundance of workers to lose their jobs, this was shown “During 1934, there was a strike so large that it eliminated 400,000 textile workers. This strike was known as the Textile Workers Strike” (Textile …show more content…

By being in a union you are guaranteed better wages, “The overall weekly income of full time wage and salary workers who were a part of a union in 2010 was $917, said the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. People who aren't in a union, it was $717” (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Because of the changes the United States have undergone, the people who are a part of the union have the rights to demand higher wages; ones that they deserve. Labor unions cut down the amount of hours you have to work and to some people that is a negative thing, but in reality it's good because you get paid more money per hour. The decrease of work is beneficial because it allows the opportunity for more

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