National Peace and Security

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Security is everywhere. It is needed for virtually everything that is accessed today. From starting your car, to logging onto Facebook, to clocking in at work, security is always present. One of the most noticeable forms of security is the police and the Army. They are the security for the country, both for internal and external threats. Police are more internal security, dealing with crimes caused by the general population. Army deals with outside threats, by addressing situations that are overseas that can cause harm to those within the States. To protect from these threats, the security appears to look intimidating, due to powerful weapons and armor placed upon the person. However, when this happens, a side effect occurs, where the civilians may become scared of the force, and begin to distrust the security, and also began to fear corruption. To be able to stop this side effect from happening, the security sector reformation must find the corrupt who cause the distrust and fear to occur, and end it. The way to best reform the security sector within societies within transition is by finding and removing the corrupt, and by doing that, you will raise faith in the security sector by the people. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay says in an 2011 Human Rights Council “I call on all those in positions of authority to take steps to prevent the commission of crimes or acts of revenge, and for other concerned parties to strongly refrain from undertaking any acts

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