National Security Policy In Syria

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The President has directed the National Security Advisor to lead the formulation of a comprehensive Syria policy that supports the following objectives: a whole and unified Syria with no role for Bashar al-Assad in the government, the defeat of violent extremist groups like ISIS or Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham, an end to the Syrian war, through political settlement, and the humanitarian crisis it has provoked, and the prevention of Iranian and Russian designs being realized in Syria. An upcoming NSC meeting will discuss strategy options for Syria.
There are several objectives to support the above policy, the first of which is to defeat ISIS so as not to pose more threat to American and global interests and …show more content…

 Promote the wellbeing of the U.S, partners, and friends in the Middle East and protect them from external aggression.
The following three strategic options can be developed towards attaining the desired end state, which is “the defeat of VEOs like ISIS or Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham.
a. Option 1: Escalation of the operation by increasing the number of soldiers. This includes troops from the U.S, alliances, and partners in the theater. Budgetary increment on modernizing military equipment would give strategic advantages to forces to have more credible intelligence in the ISIS big picture. Artificial intelligence (AI) system and military threat assessment units (MTAU) will increase forces efficiency and capability to act quickly and accurately to respond to identified ISIS targets without causing collateral damage. Coalition forces will have a footprint and projections of military capabilities. Instruments of power to support this strategic option is military, information, and economy so as to sustain forces in the theater. Desire end-state of this option is to ensure Syria and Iraq have transitioned to a new a stable democratic entities. ISIS as an organization does not exist, its ideology is driven out of Middle-East and have no support of whatsoever.
b. Option 2: Enhance and improve diplomatic relations with Russia.
The U.S. and Russia have different interests in the Syrian conflict, which explains why they are pulling each other

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