Costs Of Globalization And Localization

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Globalization and localization are two conflicting trends in international politics today. Globalization is the spread of peoples, activities, norms, ideas, goods, services, and currencies from one area of the world to another. (Rosenau 15) Localization is the narrowing of horizons and the confinement of peoples, activities, norms, ideas, goods, services, and currencies to a particular geographic area. (Rosenau 16) Globalization and localization affect the world’s countries in three main areas, politics, economics, and culture. Both globalization and localization have many benefits, as well as many costs.

Globalization is a predominant force in the world today. The development of the Internet and other far-reaching communication media …show more content…

Participation in global organizations also undermines political autonomy of countries.

At the same time that globalization of the world is increasing, there are also strong localization sentiments. Many things can be gained by the emphasis of local distinctiveness in politics, culture, and economy. Politically, localization gives governmental autonomy to nations. Countries can spend all their time and effort on programs and policies that emphasize their priorities. Economically, the activities of producers and consumers are constricted to the country, which provides support for domestic businesses and full consumption of the goods they produce. Culturally, localization gives nations a rich sense of heritage and strengthens traditional customs and ideas. (Rosenau 17) Localization serves to strengthen individual countries.

While there are benefits to localization, there are also costs. Localization decreases international trade and investment which decreases the amount and variety of goods and services available to people. Localization also prevents new customs and ideas from entering a country that could enrich their culture. Without participation in international political organizations, a country is without allies and support in times of military or economic crisis.

Globalization and localization can best be understood by examining current events. One of the most prevalent examples of globalization today is evident in the first

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