Native American Colonization

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America has been the eyewitness to the constant change its natives have undergone. This predates to the age of colonization when Europeans and the natives had their first contact, marking an era of change. A myriad of changes followed this occurrence; complex societies, innovative innovations, and diverse cultures following up to the America we know today. However, can we imagine what life would have been like, if the Europeans had not come to the New World? In “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford, “Coming of age in the Dawnland” by Charles C. Mann, “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare, and “The General History of Virginia” by John Smith, one can deduce the changes these newcomers- with their colossal ships, refined languages, and their sophisticated weapons- brought to the New World, and how these modifications altered the course of America. The arrival of the English brought linguistic, cultural, and technological changes that would ultimately change the natives’ way of life as they knew it. One of the most eminent changes brought to the New World by the Europeans settlers was language. Europeans brought with them the languages they grew up with: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. However, English became more predominant in North America than the rest of the Americas, this is because Englishmen settled along the west coast of modern-day United States. English colonists slowly began to inculcate their language to the natives, or rather the natives
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